Working Or Studying

Big Leak

—Slow Flow


Big Leak goes in on “Kon Karne” off of MF Doom’s ‘MM..FOOD?’ album

Shout outs to Michael Carpenter summer school days he bought be “Bully” that game was wavy. Anyway in middle school he was always telling me his uncle was in Heatmakerz, of course I didn’t believe him.To those who don’t know they had a big hand in the success of the Diplomats responsible for a lot of the great production done we all love. After school one day nigga Rsonist pull up in some all black truck probably a Escalade jewels shining in the sun to pick up his daughter I think it was. All the niggas from school hatin like he was trying to stunt but he was stuntin so naturally..

“All these other dudes they in the club, they dancin to they own shit, we in the hood right now man” - Rsonist



ASAP Rocky

—Been Around The World [Main]


ASAP Rocky-“Been Around The World” (N/A, 2010)

I remember snatching this up from DJ Burn One’s blog a while back and completely forgetting about this. Some smooth ass playa shit that’ll have the bitches giving up the grits. Just listen to that pimp ass guitar on the intro. The production on this is reminiscent of some older Timbaland stuff. I’m not usually a fan of these type of tracks untill they get the Chopped & Screwed treatment.

The Game

—The Whole City Behind Us (feat. Kanye West & Ludacris)


The Game (Feat.Kanye West & Ludacris)-“Whole City Behind Us” (The Chronicles, 2004)

Aside from all the bullshit, 2004 was a slept-on year musically. I completely forgot about this track. Shit had the Boost Mobiles poppin in the game ignorantly blasting your ringtones on the train. Knew this dude in school who used to gangbang and had Ciara “1,2 Step” on his mothafuckin phone though.

The more knowledge you obtain, the more aware you become
The more aware you become, the more your consciousness is expanded
The more your consciousness is expanded, the more control you have over your mind
Because everything you perceive to be reality is just a product of the mind
Now if you can control the mind, you can manipulate the reality the way you want

—My Dawg (via realniggatumblr)