Working Or Studying

Summer of 06’

Roc La Familia 

Roc La Familia 



Shout outs to T Roy even though I think he was a Harlem nigga but anyway this one of the tracks I used to fuck with. I think I’ma start up a radio station and club and play all the joints I feel been deserved to have air time. O yeah shout out to ASAP Twelvy if I’m not mistaking he did take a few shots at PC but it don’t even matter lol I fuck with both of them and I think it was some Castle Hill shit anyway. 

Shouts out to the niggas who tryed to front on me too at Zaro’s in Parkchestor too my freshman year. Funny thing is two of them I got cool with later on. Shout out to me lol for putting him on the low wavy spots in NYC he told me he cop some D&G pants from one of them.

"A Problem Children a clear it out" - Young B 

Big Leak

—Slow Flow


Big Leak goes in on “Kon Karne” off of MF Doom’s ‘MM..FOOD?’ album

Shout outs to Michael Carpenter summer school days he bought be “Bully” that game was wavy. Anyway in middle school he was always telling me his uncle was in Heatmakerz, of course I didn’t believe him.To those who don’t know they had a big hand in the success of the Diplomats responsible for a lot of the great production done we all love. After school one day nigga Rsonist pull up in some all black truck probably a Escalade jewels shining in the sun to pick up his daughter I think it was. All the niggas from school hatin like he was trying to stunt but he was stuntin so naturally..

“All these other dudes they in the club, they dancin to they own shit, we in the hood right now man” - Rsonist